Imported/domestic car maintenance/failure diagnosis/vehicle inspection/maintenance


The work will be carried out by a mechanic who has experience working at a BMW/MINI dealership and is familiar with imported cars.

We offer repair techniques that do not rely solely on parts replacement, which is not done at dealers, pinpoint failure repair using various testers, and proactively proposing not only genuine parts but also equivalent OEM parts and high-quality third-party products. We take care to keep repair costs down while maintaining quality.

We always strive to provide services and suggestions that will allow users to enjoy driving imported cars for a long time, such as areas where problems are expected to occur in the future and maintenance points.

In particular, we have the know-how and a variety of experience with BMW/MINI, from the neo-classic generation to the current generation, and we believe we can help you if you have any problems.

Repair examples and maintenance explanation videos are now available on our YouTube channel!

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Repair case

AUDI 8V A3 エンジンチェックランプ点灯

AUDI 8V A3 エンジンチェックランプ点灯

AUDI 8V A3  エンジンチェックランプ点灯で入庫しました。 特に不調の症状は無さそうなので 診断からスタートします。 バンク1ラムダセンサーにフォルトメモリー。 リーン(混合気が薄い)信号が入力されているので スモークリークテスターを使用して 密閉したインテークエリア内に煙を流し込...

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Order sales of imported cars/domestic cars and used cars


A name that expresses the desire for people to choose a car with Concept and Sense first.


Regardless of whether it is an imported or domestic car, we carefully select and propose high-quality cars from end users and auto auctions nationwide.

​​​You can choose not only the car model you want, but also your hobbies and lifestyle , and propose new options.

We are now releasing useful videos such as how to buy and choose a car on our YouTube channel!

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Car wash/body coating construction


To take care of your car

It is important to notice “minor changes” .

We also carry out a simple inspection of your vehicle when you drop it off for a car wash or coating.

We will not only meet your needs, but also make suggestions to help you maintain your car with care.

Vehicle system diagnosis service using diagnostic equipment

Trouble diagnosis machine service

We use a scan tool to analyze failures in computer-controlled electrical and electronic circuits that are difficult to determine visually, such as engines, transmissions, brakes, and air conditioners.

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micro electric vehicle

Environmentally friendly,
``e-mo'', an ultra-compact electric vehicle that combines convenience and economy
Easy charging with household AC100v!

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Vintage ride-on for kids