ConSense provides fault diagnosis machine services using electronic control devices.

What is a fault diagnosis machine (scan tool)?

A fault diagnostic machine is a machine called a scan tool that is used to find out if there are any faults in a car's electronic systems, and if so, where to check.

Unlike cars of the past, cars in recent years have become increasingly electronic, and are controlled by a computer called an ECU (engine control unit).

This is a tool for identifying failure points in computer-controlled electrical and electronic circuits that are difficult to judge visually, such as engines, transmissions, brakes, and air conditioners.

Importance of fault diagnosis machine (scan tool)

The number of ECUs installed in each vehicle is increasing, and it is said that there will be approximately 30 ECUs installed in 2025, up from approximately 20 in 2015.

With this many ECUs installed, there is a possibility that you will not notice even if some electronic device is screaming.

By regularly performing fault diagnosis using a scan tool, you can always keep track of the health status of your vehicle and play a role in preventing major breakdowns.

Troubleshooting (vehicle diagnosis)

A variety of vehicle data is stored in the computer installed in the vehicle.

By connecting a dedicated scan tool and performing a system check, you can read malfunctions and past failure codes, providing clues to pinpoint the cause of the malfunction.

Domestic car Imported car

▶︎Diagnosis fee (diagnosis using a fault diagnosis machine)

¥6,000~ ¥12,000〜
system reset

▶︎Resetting inspection/replacement timing, etc.

¥4,000〜 ¥6,000~

*Excluding tax, parts fees, and installation/removal fees

For those who would like a troubleshooting machine (scan tool)

Another advantage is that diagnosis using a scan tool is easy.

You can also do this when entering ConSence for other errands.

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