BMW F15 X5 35d air suspension trouble

Detailed explanation is available on YouTube!

BMW F15 X5 35d

The vehicle was parked due to the problem of the rear vehicle height lowering on its own.

It may or may not go down depending on the day.

It's a problem with the air suspension.

I'll check it right away.

No failure memory.

Possibility of failure location

・Failure on the control side such as control unit or relay

・Air leak

It can be roughly divided into these two categories.

When tested by the diagnostic system

There is no problem with the control side or the compressor that creates air.

There seems to be a high possibility of an air leak.

Spray detergent water.

There is a lot of leakage on both the left and right sides.

Decided to replace the airbag!

Remove the fuse to prevent the compressor from running.

Using a diagnostic machine, we will use the weight of the vehicle to remove the air.

It came off.

This is due to leakage from the folded part.

Does it go down or does it go down?

I expect the symptoms to be sporadic depending on the day.

This time, the airbag will be repaired using external parts.

Manufactured by Arnott in the United States, a reliable manufacturer's product.

The cost is significantly lower than genuine parts.

Assemble in reverse order

Operate the compressor using the diagnostic machine to fill the air.

Carefully check for leaks again

There seems to be no problem.

There is a risk of falling off or getting scratches when installing and removing heavy tires.

KTC's quick wheel guide pin works really well.

It can be installed and removed safely even on vehicles with big calipers.

Air suspension air leakage problems can be left untreated for too long.

Too much load on the compressor

There are cases where the air compressor breaks down.

If you notice a drop in vehicle height, take immediate action.

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