BMW/MINI F56 F45 etc. Heating does not work only on the driver's side/Air conditioner does not work Mixing flap repair

Detailed explanation is available on YouTube!


The vehicle was brought in due to complaints that the heating only on the driver's side was ineffective.

I'll diagnose it right away.

It's true that the heating is weak only on the driver's side.

There are various causes for the difference in temperature between the driver's seat and passenger seat.

・Decrease in cooling water amount (leakage)

- Malfunction of heater valve

・Thermostat malfunction

・Heater core blockage

・Mixing (temperature adjustment) flap failure


There is no abnormality in the cooling water system or heater core.

Check it using a diagnostic machine

Error in the temperature adjustment flap motor on the driver's side.

It's out, this is a standard one.

Frequently occurs in BMW/MINI horizontal engine vehicles.

The mixing flap is malfunctioning.

The target car model is

F56 F55 F54 F60 F40 F44 F45 F46 F48 F39

and many other things.

I'll show you how it breaks down.

This is an exploded diagram.

The right side separates cold air and warm air

This is the mixing flap on the driver's side .

Due to deterioration of the mixing flap material.

It has gone over the stopper and is stuck.

The heating will not work because more cold air is mixed in than necessary.

(In the summer, on the other hand, warm air mixes with the air and makes the air conditioner less effective.)

Because the flap motor can no longer move.

An error occurs because your position cannot be detected.

Eventually the flap motor will fail.

The motor I removed was faulty.

The motor needs to be replaced.

But I need to fix the stuck flap.

It doesn't solve anything.

Until now, the fundamental solution was to take down the dashboard.

I had no choice but to replace this huge heater case ASSY.

The repair cost will be approximately 250,000 to 300,000 yen.


Big expense due to failure of one flap.

Can't we do something? With this in mind, through trial and error,

We have developed a repair method for mixing flaps!

*The work will be done after inspecting the condition and determining whether or not it can be repaired.

・When you visit our store, we will check to see if it can be repaired on the spot.

・If it is possible to repair the item, we will leave it with you - the repair will be completed within 1 night or 2 days at the earliest.

・If there is any damage such as a broken flap rod, it cannot be repaired.

At present, there are no cases in the world that have been repaired.

Repairs can be done for less than half the price of replacing the heater case.

If you are having trouble with the same symptoms, please contact us.

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