VW GOLF Mk2 stalls

Detailed explanation is available on YouTube!

1990 VW GOLF Mk2 GTi

The car was brought in due to engine problems such as stalling.

The Golf 2 has also entered the realm of old cars!

Checking the symptoms

It's true that the engine is running poorly.

Even if it starts, it doesn't stall immediately.

First, let's check the basic parts of the engine.

・Fuel pressure from fuel pump

・Spark plug ignition status

There is no problem with these.

Is the circumference of the cell a little weak? Feeling.

Is this really what it is? ? So that's it

CHECK the charging voltage and current.

The voltage is unstable and goes back and forth between 12V and 13V.

The current value is also not enough.

At this point, it is confirmed that the alternator is not charging correctly.

We decided to proceed with the exchange!

I will disassemble it and try to determine the cause of the failure.

It fell apart.

In the photo below, the brush is quite worn.

The brush contacts the slip ring and conducts the current.

If you look closely

The slip ring on the left is

It is more worn than the slip ring on the right side.

When this happens, vibrations, engine speed, etc.

Contact failure occurs sporadically.

This leads to symptoms in which the charging voltage and current become unstable.

The part called "regulator" at the bottom of the photo has a standalone setting.

I can get a new brush by replacing the regulator.

In the photo below, the connecting slip ring has significant stepped wear.

In this situation, even if you replace only the brush with a new one,

This will result in a situation where they won't come into contact with you on a straight surface.

In the end, the hit will be bad and cause a contact failure.

It is best to replace the ASSY, including overall deterioration.

The genuine product will be discontinued and will be replaced with a rebuilt BOSCH product.

After replacement, both charging voltage and current are perfectly stable!

The work was completed after confirming that there were no abnormalities in the road test.

It seems that the battery voltage was not stable, which led to various symptoms.

When it comes to this model year, it wouldn't be strange for me to go anywhere or anytime.

(When I used to ride it, it broke a lot without a break)

The unique design and ride quality are definitely the best!

I hope you will continue to take good care of your ride for a long time to come.

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