・Vehicle size will be determined by our staff.

・Please note that the amount may change depending on the condition of the vehicle.

-The services listed are for car washing and coating only, and are not intended to repair deterioration or damage to the paint.

3 points

​1. Before applying the coating, prepare the surface and make it in a clean condition before applying the coating.

2. Glass coating makes it difficult to get dirty and easy to remove. It will last about 3 years.

3. Comes with a worry-free guarantee!


S ¥51,370
M ​¥54,230
L ¥56,980
2L ¥61,050
3L ​¥65,230

*Construction fee per installation

3 points

In order to take good care of your car, the most important thing is to "notice even the smallest changes."

When you take your car in for a regular car wash, we also check for oil, lights, unusual noises, etc.

We will not only meet your needs, but also make suggestions to help you maintain your car with care.

Oil change period

​Light bulb burnt out

Diagnosis of the cause of abnormal noise

engine room

Undercarriage wear level

Tire pressure/remaining groove


S ¥35,200
M ​¥41,800
L ¥52,800
2L ¥70,400

*Car wash fees for 12 times a year (lump payment)