Peugeot 208sw T9 many warning lights lit

T9 Peugeot 208sw

・Engine check light on

・Battery warning light

・Heating does not work

I came into stock with symptoms such as.

I'll try to diagnose it right away.

Let's start with the details of the engine check.

There is an error in the VVT ​​solenoid valve.

It looks like the oil hasn't been changed for a while.

I'm relieved that there doesn't seem to be any blockage in the oil line.

Although it works normally when inspected individually,

There are also cases of VVT switching failure due to poor movement.

Replace it with a new one.

The previous model's engine also broke often.

It's the same parts. I want you to take measures.

Then comes the battery warning.

The battery has been replaced and there is no problem with alternator control.

Battery low warning may or may not appear

Sporadic and quite noisy!

Power protection unit relay error

It appears that a communication error has occurred between other units as well.

When I remove it

It's quite corroded.

It is determined that the BPGA unit is faulty and will be replaced.

Then the heating didn't work.

When I drove while monitoring the data, the water temperature was always 30℃.

This is the only thing I have anymore

The thermostat is stuck in the ``open'' direction.

Brand new

Cooling water is constantly flowing into the radiator through the gap.

The problem was that the water temperature did not rise and the heater did not work.

I replaced it quickly and the work was completed.

For some reason, a lot of things were happening at the same time.

I'm glad that everything has healed completely and you're feeling better.

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