F54 MINI CLUBMAN COOPER D engine check light on

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engine check light on

Intake/EGR/DPF cleaning

We are visiting from Kanagawa Prefecture.

I'll check it right away

EGR valve error

Due to spring deterioration or soot intrusion

I am having symptoms of a stuck valve.

This time I will replace it with a new one.

Under disassembly

A horizontally mounted engine requires a little more effort.

If installed vertically, the EGR cooler is mounted in front of the engine.

The horizontal engine has a different layout.

EGR cooler is mounted behind the engine

Is it because the layout is at a disadvantage?

Horizontal engines tend to have more soot buildup

Inside the intake manifold

Inside the EGR cooler

There was a history of replacement, but soot has been accumulating.

Confluence point of EGR and fresh air

This area is prone to clogging due to differences in flow velocity and temperature.

I will scrape it out by hand.

Preparation before ultrasonic cleaning is important.

Putting the removed parts in an ultrasonic cleaner

While taking a bath...it's pitch black

Finish with high pressure washing

I will also clean the intake port.





By eliminating the deposits around the valve

This has the effect of reducing engine noise.

*We have newly introduced a walnut blaster that uses walnut shells.

In addition to the conventional manual cleaning, it is now possible to perform cleaning with even higher precision.

(The image is an example)

Cleaned parts

Replace the EGR valve with a new one

*Later, it was discovered that disassembly and cleaning could also improve the condition to some extent.

Comparison before and after cleaning

We also perform DPF cleaning.

DPF regeneration run and road test after assembly

The engine was jerking due to a defective EGR valve.

It's smooth and feels great.

This is the data value after work.

Significant improvement in DPF soot amount and exhaust gas back pressure (clogging)

You can feel the big changes in both the data and the ride taste.

We have received reports from users that response and fuel efficiency have significantly improved.

Regarding soot generation and the vicious cycle of EGR and DPF

Details are introduced in the top video and the blog below.

BMW 320D F31 intake/EGR "soot" carbon cleaning – car life studio ConSense

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