200 series Hiace diesel engine malfunction intake/EGR cleaning

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A 200 series Hiace with an engine malfunction. 1KD diesel engine.

RPM suddenly drops while idling

DPF regeneration is becoming more frequent.

The DPF was recently cleaned.

Does frequent DPF regeneration simply mean that the DPF is clogged?

Not only that, but it is also closely related to "soot clogging" on the intake side and poor oil management.

This vehicle has covered 240,000 miles and has probably never had the intake soot cleaned.

We will disassemble the intake as there is a high possibility that it is a soot buildup.

Working in a small space.

It came off. Expanding the port...

The accumulated soot becomes carbon and sticks tightly. Other

This is the intake manifold. Take a close look at the leftmost port.

The flap is bent due to being caught in stuck carbon...

This is the EGR valve. It's in great condition...

Remove as much soot as you can while it is dry.

Anything that cannot be removed should be soaked in cleaner and washed repeatedly.

Clean the intake port using a suction machine.

*We have newly introduced a walnut blaster that uses walnut shells.

In addition to the conventional manual cleaning, it is now possible to perform cleaning with even higher precision.

(The image is an example)

Cleaning of parts has also been completed.

This is the cleaned intake manifold.

It will look like new. The bent flap has been fixed.

This is the EGR valve. This is the amount of soot taken from here.

In total, nearly four times this amount of soot was removed.

This makes the volume of the intake manifold narrower.

Malfunctions occur due to insufficient air flow or deviations in sensor values.

EGR cooler. It was also very dirty.

Replace gaskets with new ones.

Assemble all cleaned parts and road test.

After cleaning it, it was back to normal.

-Changes the amount of foot placed on the accelerator

・Torque increases

You can experience this as a physical experience.

Soot buildup on the intake side gradually accumulates due to small accumulations.

It's hard to notice that you're not feeling well because your condition gradually deteriorates.

Discrepancies in sensor values ​​will have a negative impact on the injector and DPF.

Soot accumulating in the intake is not a malfunction or malfunction.

There is no other way to remove it other than physically cleaning it.

We have introduced an ultrasonic cleaner for efficient cleaning.

We will continue to fight the problem of soot buildup in the intakes of clean diesel vehicles!

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