MINI F56 COOPER S engine malfunction

Detailed video

BMW MINI F56 engine malfunction simple troubleshooting - YouTube

F56 Cooper S in stock due to engine failure.

・The engine stalls

- Idling speed is too high (does not fall below 1500 rpm)

・Engine warning light

I am experiencing symptoms such as:

There is a memory of "lean mixture" in the vehicle system diagnosis.

Lean = lean Interpretation of ``lean mixture''

It seems that more air than necessary is being sent into the engine.

There are cases where secondary air is being sucked in from deteriorated intake joints, etc.

Although it is common, there was no suction of secondary air during inspection.

There is a high possibility that there is a problem with the sensor or auxiliary equipment.

We check each sensor value and test auxiliary equipment that is likely to be defective.

"TE valve"

This is a mechanism that allows gasoline vaporized in the fuel tank to flow into the intake.

Voltage and signal waveforms are OK.

Although the data is moving numerically, there is no movement in the forced test.

Is it moving? Isn't it moving?

When the idling speed is high, the TE valve opening will be displayed at 5-6%.

Since I'm not stepping on the accelerator, it's usually around 0%.

Is this caused by something getting caught when the valve is activated?

When I unplugged the connector and stopped it from working, it worked fine.

It turned out that the TE valve was malfunctioning.

I quickly replaced it and the engine malfunction was completely cured.

It was a simple troubleshooter.

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