BMW 320D F31 intake/EGR "soot" carbon cleaning

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BMW 320D F31 intake carbon cleaning

A vehicle that has been driven 100,000km.

This is a request for carbon cleaning of the intake and EGR during a refresh.

Let's immediately remove the EGR system and intake manifold.

These are the parts that came off.

Nozzle where EGR and intake meet.

Hot exhaust gas from EGR collides with cold air that has passed through the intercooler.

Carbon tends to accumulate here due to differences in temperature and flow velocity.

Intake manifold. The amount of accumulation is still relatively light.

Swirl flap on the port side of the intake manifold.

This is a valve that controls the airflow of the port.

In this state, it is unlikely that it will be able to demonstrate its original performance.

The EGR cooler seems to have been replaced with a new one due to a recall and is relatively clean.

engine side port. Accumulation is also progressing here.

There are no particular malfunctions or warning lights, but

As you can see, a huge amount of soot turns into carbon and accumulates.

We will scrape out as much as possible by hand.

It's quite a difficult job.

You'll get a bowlful of carbon.

Any carbon that cannot be removed will be removed using an ultrasonic cleaner and high pressure washing.

This is the moment I put it in.

After a few hours, it will look like ink.

Clean the ports during soaking. This time with scraping and suction.

*We have newly introduced a walnut blaster that uses walnut shells.

In addition to the conventional manual cleaning, it is now possible to perform cleaning with even higher precision.

(The image is an example)


Parts cleaning is complete. Like new.

The intake manifold looked like a limestone cave.

It was clean enough that I could see the other side.

After the work, the accelerator response was significantly improved.

On average compared to before work

・During constant driving

・When accelerating

The accelerator pedal opening will be reduced by 5 to 10%.

This data confirms that it leads to improvements in acceleration performance and fuel efficiency.

We have received many reports from users about improvements in response and fuel efficiency.

Changes can also be seen from the intake and exhaust data values.

Smooth intake → smooth exhaust due to

You can obtain data on reduced resistance for both intake and exhaust.


Why did I clean the intake side instead of the DPF?


By eliminating soot clogging that accumulated in the intake and EGR

・Difference in sensor value

・Difference in fuel injection amount calculation

・Combustion efficiency

This is because these have been improved and the "soot" generated during combustion has been reduced.


From DPF fault memory

・Replacement of DPF body

・DPF cleaning

There seem to be cases where something like this is proposed.

We believe that DPF cleaning alone is meaningless .

Even if you clean the sand downstream, you still have to stop the sand flowing from upstream.

It's back to normal in no time! I think it's easier to understand if you give an example.

There is always a reason why the DPF tends to clog.

Combustion efficiency decreases due to intake/EGR becoming narrow due to soot accumulation.

The DPF tends to become clogged due to the increased amount of soot generated during combustion.

Furthermore, the accumulation of soot on the intake side via EGR accelerates, leading to a vicious cycle.

・DPF clogging (high exhaust gas back pressure)

・Decrease in response

・Decrease in fuel efficiency

The root of all such evils is this "intake clogged with soot" !

However, this is not a malfunction or defect.

It can't be helped due to the structure of the diesel engine and EGR.

The only way to remove the accumulated material is to physically clean it.

It is also true that cleaning can restore performance close to its original state.

・DPF cleaning

・Injector cleaning

By also constructing

The effect is even greater through interaction.


I also started cleaning the injectors .

long! Happily! Stay well!

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