MINI R60 COOPER D Engine check light DPF cleaning

An explanation video of the same case is now available on YouTube!


The vehicle was brought in due to the check engine light coming on and the engine malfunctioning.

2014 model, mileage is 160,000km.

Engine oil consumption is also high, about 1-2L per 1000km.

*The causes of oil consumption are introduced in the video ↑↑.

Check fault code

・Validity of EGR air flow rate

・DPF back pressure abnormality

EGR is a device that returns a portion of exhaust gas to the intake system to reduce NOx.

DPF is a particulate filter that captures soot from exhaust gas.

This is a faulty memory with a blockage in the EGR system and DPF.

A considerable amount of soot had accumulated as carbon inside the intake pipe .

I'll check the intake and exhaust numbers.

Simply put, back pressure is a numerical expression of the exhaust resistance of exhaust gas.

The clogging value is nearly twice the maximum allowable value.

This indicates that the DPF is clogged with soot.

Due to long-standing soot clogging in the intake pipe.

There will be discrepancies in the values ​​measured by each sensor.

Gradually, optimal combustion no longer takes place.

It also promotes soot production.

As a result, the DPF also begins to show symptoms of clogging.

Carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning of the intake is best.

This time, due to time constraints, we decided to only perform DPF cleaning!

Remove the sensor and pour in the cleaner.

After injecting DPF cleaner and leaving it for a while

Next, inject DPF purge.

For efficiently discharging dirt dissolved in the cleaner

A liquid flushing agent.

Also add additives.

It helps in cleaning the injector and protecting the DPF.

BMW/MINI requires DPF regeneration driving.

It is best to change the oil after re-driving.

Recheck each data value

The back pressure value, which was significantly over the allowable value, has returned to within the specified value.

You can see that the exhaust resistance has decreased and the DPF blockage has been resolved.

Exhaust side problems such as DPF clogging.

Actually, most of the causes are on the intake side.

as a fundamental solution

We also recommend carbon cleaning of the intake/EGR.

*Details are also introduced in the link below.

BMW 320d F31 engine check light on DPF warning – car life studio ConsSense

The accumulation of soot on BMW/MINI diesel cars that can be seen after about 50,000km is

Due to its nature, it cannot be helped, and there is no definitive countermeasure.

Poor engine oil management is also directly linked to intake clogging.

・Regular replacement of high quality engine oil

・Replenishment of fuel additives

Perform regular maintenance to avoid problems.

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