BMW E36 M3C engine won't start

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The engine had trouble starting and had to be towed.

After all, 36 is cool.

S50B32 engine

3.2L straight 6 NA 6-throttle

A list of words that get you excited.

I'll check it right away.

Although this generation of BMW also has the old diagnostic system.

Since only basic information can be seen, it becomes an analog diagnosis.

Considering the situation, it seems likely that the fuel is not being pumped to the engine.

The fuel pump is located here when you remove the rear seat.

The fuel pump is on the left.

The fuel sucked up from here passes through the fuel tank under the floor.

It is sent out from the level sensor on the right side.

Check the fuel pressure pulsation by pinching the hose.

``Zero pulse''

It seems like the fuel pump is bad.

Power supply is normal.

The fuel pump is defective and will be removed.

The part you are pricking with your finger is the main body of the pump.

The sending unit has also deteriorated considerably.

This time I decided to replace it with ASSY.

It is possible to import from overseas, but this time there are few advantages in terms of cost and delivery time.

I decided to replace it with a reliable new BMW genuine product.

We also have domestic inventory, so you can rest assured.

The engine started successfully after replacing the fuel pump.

Completed by filling up the tank with gas and testing for fuel leaks. However..

A close-up of the level sensor on the right.

If you look closely, you can see that gasoline is seeping out.

There are some slight cracks due to aging.

A slight leak occurred only after filling up the tank with gasoline.

It seems like this has always been the case.

The leak will stop if the gasoline level decreases.

I'm glad I was able to find it during this repair.

Fortunately, this was also in stock in Japan, so I will exchange it.

This time, the work was completed without any leaks.

Road test.

The mechanical 6-throttle throttle has the best response.

Before I knew it, the E36 had become quite a classic.

Back orders, price increases, and discontinuation of parts have increased.

Don't give in to adversity! I hope you will continue to enjoy riding it for a long time to come.

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