BMW F15 X5 35D vehicle inspection and maintenance

BMW F15 X5 35D

In stock for vehicle inspection and maintenance. It has been 7 years since new and has traveled 68,000km.

I also checked the condition of the soot in the intake.

It was in very beautiful condition.

No fault memory.

We also perform vehicle system diagnostics during vehicle inspections.

This time, we will replace consumables such as oils and fats, drive belts, batteries, etc.

I was having symptoms of brake squeal.

Replace worn brake rotors.


This engine oil has passed many manufacturer certifications for German cars.

Imported cars use this.

The brake oil used is ATE's DOT4.

This is also a manufacturer that uses many genuine German cars.

Drive belt replacement

Since it is a 6-cylinder engine and space is limited, the electric fan must be removed for this work.

This time I used one made by Continental.

The battery is made by VARTA with genuine compatible quality.

Replace your imported car battery with one from a reliable manufacturer.

Exchange registration using the diagnostic system is required!

Project μ low dust pad

Only the pad has been replaced and is still usable, so I reused it this time.

The brake rotor is made by Brani.

We use reliable genuine bolts.

Corroded parts were quickly painted to prevent rust.

This time, we also received a request for sheet metal painting.

The headlights are also polished and sharp.

A final check is made and the work is complete.

Replacement of consumables during vehicle inspection.

Genuine parts, OEM parts, excellent aftermarket parts, etc.

There are various parts and types

By suggesting what is suitable for each location.

Our strength is that we can keep repair costs down while maintaining the quality of our maintenance work.

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