YN61 Hilux Surf Interior and Exterior Refresh

YN61 Hilux Surf

Commonly known as "Burihai"

In stock for refresh work.

We are looking for customers who are concerned about rust around wiper blades and hubs.

This is a 34 year old vehicle.

The battle against rust never ends.

Other center console switches

It seems that it was forcibly bonded in the past.

We are asking if there is anything we can do because the processing is dirty.

Let's get to work right away.

Unfortunately, the wiper blade is no longer manufactured.

I thought about using it for other car models as well.

This time I will paint using the original.

After carefully removing the rust

Painted to look like a raptor. It is also highly effective in preventing rust.

Quickly paint the areas that can be seen through the mounting holes.

After removing the rust from the hub

For areas with severe rust, paint with high heat resistance and rust prevention properties

Apply paint to the contact surface of the wheel that will not affect installation.

As for the switch

Unfortunately, this is also discontinued.

Originally, the switch itself was broken and no longer worked.

We have proposed arranging used items from America.

This time, I decided to make a blind lid and clean it up.

Processed from genuine Hiace parts.

The rusted nuts were replaced with new ones and the work was completed.

By blacking out the visible parts

Your feet will look tighter.

Neo-classic cars are also welcome at ConSense.

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