BMW X5 35i E70 Coolant leak Oil leak repair

E70 BMW X5 35i

The item was brought in due to a cooling water leak.

It seems like there is some oil leakage except for the lower part? ?

It looks like the coolant was gushing out with considerable force.

We will immediately use a leak tester to check for leaks.


I could see the coolant leak coming from the bottom of the radiator. It's serious.

Oil is leaking from the seal between the oil filter case and the engine.

Dripping oil has spread all over the bottom of the vehicle.

Decided to replace the radiator and filter case seal!

The genuine radiator is out of stock in Japan and we are waiting for a backorder from Germany.

This time we will use an OEM radiator from the manufacturer.

The item itself is the same, only there is no BMW stamp.

Coolant sub-tanks often deteriorate and explode.

We will also replace the surrounding radiator hoses.

Next is replacing the oil filter case seal.

You will also need to remove the intake manifold.

Comparison with new packing.

As it deteriorates, it hardens like plastic.

This doesn't have any meaning as a packing...

Assemble all parts, replenish coolant, bleed air, and clean.

This vehicle is an electric water pump vehicle, so it bleeds air without starting the engine.

Incorrect air bleeding may cause overheating.

After the road test, we did another leak test and the work was completed without any leaks!

It was difficult to clean the dripping oil.

Packings for cooling water, oil, etc. deteriorate considerably over the years.

Even a simple inspection can lead to early detection, so please contact us.

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