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Does the horn sound on its own while your Jeep is parked? I'll show you electrical troubleshooting techniques! [Maintenance explanation] - YouTube

The vehicle was brought in in a hurry after being informed that the horn suddenly started blaring while the vehicle was stopped.

Luckily it happened during the day, but it's scary to imagine it happening at night.

First, check to see if the symptoms are reproducible.

Occurred once when the ignition was turned off and the door was left closed with the key.

but! Often, there are no symptoms at all afterwards. I'm in trouble.

We will search for the presence or absence of faulty memory left by vehicle system diagnosis.

''B2339 Horn switch stack'' Fault code.

This is a memory that was left behind when the car detected that something was wrong because the horn button was pressed for nearly a minute.

In a driverless car? ?

That's not the case. There is always a failure somewhere.

Even if the symptoms are not reproducible, you can narrow down the location of the failure by using live data, simulation tests, and by removing each component from the vehicle and repeating measurements according to the wiring diagram.

As a result of the inspection, it was determined that the failure was due to an internal short circuit in the ``clock spring'' in the steering column!

The only genuine parts available are parts that are integrated with the control board for the steering angle sensor, and are quite expensive.

However, that board did not malfunction this time.

Therefore! Order high-quality external parts from overseas that don't have a base and transplant the control base!

The work was completed by adjusting the steering angle sensor.

After follow-up, I was completely cured.

You may be able to reduce repair costs by focusing on the minimum repair points or sourcing parts overseas that are not available domestically.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any electrical problems with your vehicle.

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