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[Maintenance explanation] MINI/Peugeot/Citroen Causes of white smoke and oil consumption! Valve stem seal replacement Timing chain replacement - YouTube

I consulted with you because my oil consumption has become intense in the past few months.

1L of oil consumed per 1000km! It's serious.

I heard that the dealer has given me a quote for replacing the engine.

First, we start with an interview and diagnosis.

There is also some problem with idling when cold.

Is the valve timing off?

An engine jointly developed by the MINI, Peugeot, and Citroën groups.

There are many cases of serious oil consumption.

After inspecting each part, it was determined that there was a high possibility of oil leakage.

Open the head cover and proceed with further inspection.

As expected, there was a shift in valve timing due to the stretching of the timing chain.

Decided to replace valve stem seals and timing chain!

Remove the VANOS camshaft and hold the valve by sending compressed air through the plug hole using a special tool.

Originally, the heavy work involved removing the cylinder head.

without removing the cylinder head with tools

Valve stem seals can now be replaced

You can reduce work hours and parts costs.

The new stem seal is on the right, and the removed stem seal is on the left.

The seal has deteriorated and hardened.

The diameter of the hole on the left is widening.

Oil flows into the combustion chamber as much as it spreads, causing oil consumption.

The new timing chain is on the right, and the removed timing chain is on the left.

You can see it growing.

If left untreated, it can cause various problems .

Be especially careful of cars that have trouble idling or make rattling noises when they are cold!

Adjust the valve timing with SST, replace all seals and head covers with new ones, and the work is complete!

After follow-up, oil consumption is almost zero!

Poor oil management and low oil pressure due to oil consumption are directly linked to timing chain stretching.

There are cases where even the slightest discomfort can be detected early.

If you are having trouble with oil consumption or have any problems with your car, please feel free to contact us.

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