GDJ150 Land Cruiser Prado DPF cleaning

Details are available on YouTube

150 series Prado in stock for DPF cleaning.

Although it is a 2020 model year vehicle, it has traveled 50,000km.

Users who have transferred several diesel cars so far

This is a request for preventive maintenance.

I will connect the diagnostic machine and try to understand the current values.

It doesn't seem to be a particularly abnormal number.

I'll check to see how much of a difference cleaning makes.

Our store uses Liqui Moly's DPF cleaner.

Spray the solvent through the hole where the temperature sensor was removed.

Change the angle and height so that it spreads throughout the whole area.

After injecting DPF cleaner and leaving it for a while

Next, inject the second liquid DPF purge.

For efficiently discharging dirt dissolved in the cleaner

A liquid flushing agent.

Also with injector cleaner

We also recommend DPF protector additives.

After cleaning and injection of additives

Put the DPF into forced regeneration mode.

The solvent that dissolved the dirt burns and smoke comes out.

Figures after construction

DPF back pressure 0.8kpa → 0.05kpa

PM (soot) deposition rate 18% → 2%

Data on smooth improvement of DPF exhaust can be obtained.

Construction fee

DPF cleaning 28000yen

SuperDieselAdditve (injection cleaner) 1800yen

DPFProtector (PM accumulation reduction/DPF protectant) 2300yen

(All tax excluded).

Maintenance with regular DPF cleaning

I think this is one way to enjoy diesel cars for a long time.

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