S15 Silvia SR20DET stalls

Detailed explanation is available on YouTube

S15 Silvia SPEC-R in rare stock condition

As a Sylvia fan, I would like to bow first.

I brought it in because the engine stalled when I put it in gear.

For vehicles that do not yet have an OBD2 connector

Diagnose using a conversion coupler.

Generations are also generations. Naturally, there is no faulty memory.

When I shift from idling to low gear, the engine stalls.

And when it's in low, the engine won't start.

Moreover, this symptom is troublesome as it sometimes appears and sometimes does not occur.

At the same time, there are symptoms of engine malfunction.

Fuel pressure is stable.

The ignition coil is submerged in oil due to an oil leak.

The boost sensor piping is not included.

I took care of this now.

The main issue is the engine stall symptoms.

Just input the gear! to stall

This is not due to a malfunction of the sensor, etc.

I feel like it's from the control side.

Speaking of the parts related to gear input signals,

Neutral position switch stuck in the transmission.

ON/OFF detects whether the gear is in neutral or in gear.

I checked to see if this might be related.

The ECU is able to detect the switching of the sensor signal.

Forcibly short the neutral position switch

I will try to fool the ECU by always fixing it to the neutral signal.

It won't stall. Symptoms temporarily improved.

After all, something happens when the gear input signal is input to the ECU.

Checking the ignition status when gear is input

Cranking with gear input → no spark

Engine starts in neutral → ignition cut by gear input

This is strange no matter how you think about it.

ECU opening~

When I removed the flux by cleaning the base,

I found several places where the chip was crashed or corroded!

It is confirmed that the ECU is faulty.

My guess is that the ignition coil was soaked in oil due to an oil leak.

Electricity leaked from here caused damage to the main ECU.

The possibility cannot be denied.

The first slight malfunction, an oil leak, was the cause.

It is highly likely that this caused the second major failure, which was ECU damage.

This time, I replaced the ECU with a used ECU and the symptoms improved. (New out of print)

From regular inspections and everyday small notices

It is really important to eliminate the first failure.

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