MINI R60 CROSSOVER COOPER D・Engine malfunction・Oil decreases quickly

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・Engine check light on

・Engine malfunction

・Oil decreases quickly

I came to our store from Tokyo with these symptoms.

Let's start with the diagnosis.

・DPF (particulate filter)

・Insufficient EGR flow rate

This is a memory whose path is likely to be clogged with soot and have poor flow.

Actually, this is a [chronic disease] specific to this R60/R61 diesel car.

One of the chronic problems of R60 diesel cars is ``serious oil consumption.''

In addition to the vicious cycle caused by the accumulation of soot in the intake due to its age,

Serious oil consumption of 1 to 2 liters per 1000km is occurring.

*More about the causes of oil consumption later.

The amount of soot produced increases further as the oil burns.

The DPF tends to become clogged because it cannot withstand the amount of soot generated.

Furthermore, the soot that has nowhere to go goes to the intake via EGR.

Inside the EGR cooler

Inside the intake manifold

It becomes completely blocked like this.

We will disassemble and clean it.

Disassembling the R60 is quite a time-consuming task.

Soot deposited on the manifold

EGR - fresh air confluence

Around the swirl flap

After scraping, we will perform ultrasonic cleaning.

Clean the intake port during soaking.

There is also a large amount of carbon attached to the valve cap.

After preparation, walnut blaster finish.

Remove carbon by hitting with media made from walnut shells.

Even if it gets into the combustion chamber, it will burn, so it is harmless.

It is a major method overseas, and even BMW/MINI uses it as a genuine SST.

After treatment..

It turned out perfectly beautiful.

Clean the DPF side.


All parts have been cleaned.

As you can see, the carbon on the EGR cooler was stuck.

You can improve this much without replacing it with a new one.

After everything is assembled, set the DPF to regeneration mode.

DPF combustion driving that also served as a road test.

After the work was completed, the high exhaust gas back pressure improved to within the specified value.

When idling

At 4000rpm

The improvement in exhaust gas back pressure is particularly evident in the high rotation range.

This data confirms that the DPF blockage has been completely cleared.

Response to accelerator opening

Engine rotation has also been improved very smoothly.

Now, this occurs frequently with the horizontally mounted N47 engine of this R60/R61.

Regarding the main cause of serious oil consumption

・Valve stem seal (oil drop)

・Piston ring (oil rise)

・Turbocharger (oil consumption)

Such will be considered. All of these require considerable cost and time.

It is very difficult to completely identify the cause of oil consumption.

・It is impossible to confirm unless you actually perform the work and observe the progress.

・Oil consumption may be occurring in several places in the first place.

・Various risks associated with repairs

(Horizontal N47 engine may seize or break the timing chain, etc.)

Considering etc..

I feel like there is no better way than replacing it with a new engine.

Also, future maintenance for the R60 due to its age (suspension, transmission, etc.)

Considering this, cleaning like this was carried out as a life-prolonging treatment.

We recommend supplementing oil consumption with additives and frequent replenishment.

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