Porsche 987 Boxster Tiptro gear shift failure

Porsche 987 Boxster

・Tiptronic gear shift failure

・Check lamp lights up

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as a symptom of illness

・Shift shock

- Only shifts up to 4th gear (does not enter top gear)

etc. are appearing.

Diagnosis first!

This isn't listed in the service manual...

This is a fairly common display error, so please send the trouble code ``0706''.

I'll look for it on FORUM overseas. Immediately, the case was a hit!

It appears to be a ``shift position detection error' ' .

I see, i see.

If so, use the MAXISYS status function.

I will monitor the ECU's shift position detection.

・When the shift lever is in park

Selector lever position = 8

Selected gear = 4

It becomes.

If you move this to the D range

Selector lever position = 11

Selected gear = 4

On the selector lever side and transmission side

Each is equipped with a sensor for position detection.

I can recognize the change in the position of the selector lever.

This means that the gear position actually selected on the mission side is not recognized.

A huge message game is being played on the communication system between vehicle ECUs.

This is why the vehicle is reporting this discrepancy as a malfunction or error.

We determine that the shift position switch is faulty and replace it.

The mounting position is inside this bracket.

It's a little narrow, but I'll work while shifting it.

old and new

After replacing it quickly, erase the error and check the status again.

・When parking

Selector lever position = 8

Selected gear = 1

・When in D range

Selector lever position = 5

Selected gear = 2

Changes in the selected gear can be clearly monitored.

The work was completed after a road test confirmed that it could shift into 5th gear properly.

In the current generation, this sensor is often incorporated inside the mission.

There are quite a lot of troubles in this generation of German cars where it is externally installed.

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