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Work example on BMW car

Examples of work on Mazda vehicles

An injector cleaning system that I had been considering introducing for some time.


Problems with modern direct injectors.

I think it is well known that carbon builds up on the tip over time.

・Engine malfunction due to poor spray condition

・Further increase in soot generation due to deterioration of combustion efficiency

・Deterioration of fuel efficiency

This is an important point that is directly connected to this.

The average cost of parts is about 100,000 yen for one piece.

If the engine malfunction is sporadic or the cause of the malfunction cannot be determined, etc.

Even if it is questionable, it is a part that is difficult to replace easily.

If so, how about taking it off and cleaning it?

Of course, it is best to physically clean it after removing it.

There is also a risk of damage or malfunction associated with this.

It is possible to clean the injector without having to remove it.


Compatible with both gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Set it up by inserting it into the genuine fuel pipe.

*Please watch the video for detailed explanation.

Use system cleaner instead of gasoline or diesel fuel

It is pumped into the engine and injected from the tip of the injector for combustion.

This is a machine that forcibly cleans the injector.

At the same time, spray the cleaner on the intake as well.

It is also possible to clean the area around the throttle and intake valve.

*In the case of soot cleaning of clean diesel cars performed at our store,

This step can be omitted since the intake will be physically cleaned.

Especially in clean diesel cars





No matter which of these auxiliary organs is in poor condition,

I fall into a slump like Imo Crane,

There is a very important balance involved.

・Intake/EGR cleaning

・DPF cleaning

By cleaning the injector at the same time, its effectiveness will be maximized.

Carbon cleaning work for diesel engines such as BMW and Mazda

Simultaneous construction has been very well received.

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