AUDI B8 A4 AVANT cooling water leak

AUDI A4 Avaut

We had to bring it in because cooling water was dripping on the ground.

I recently replaced the coolant tank due to a coolant leak.

It seems like there are leaks coming from other places as well.

There is a red puddle behind the engine block.

There is a water pump directly above this.

From between the water pump and the engine using a scope camera.

A water leak was discovered.

Decided to replace the water pump!

Let's break it down.

I've arrived at a fairly hidden place.

Let's remove them one by one.

The form is now visible.

When you remove the cover

It is driven by a small belt from the rear of the engine.

Remove the water pump and then remove the belt and pulley.

water pump removed

Some of the gaskets were missing.

Comparison of old and new

Reassemble it as before, bleed the air, and the work is complete.

The resin parts in the water area of ​​imported cars deteriorate quickly.

It is important to detect problems early through regular inspections before they cause problems.

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