AUDI 8R Q5 door lock problem

AUDI 8R Q5 came into stock due to door lock problem.

The left rear door lock locks on its own while driving.

The symptom is an abnormal noise when opening and closing.

Check fault memory.

A short circuit in the actuator circuit is memorized.

Since ON/OFF can always operate normally, the wiring seems to be normal.

Since there was an abnormal noise, it was determined that the door lock actuator itself was malfunctioning.

Decided to replace the door lock ASSY!

The door lock is located behind the window guide rail.

Remove the guide rail and remove the door lock at the back.

Comparison of old and new

The movement of the actuator was also stiff and stiff.

If left unattended, the fuse will blow due to excessive resistance.

I can't lock the door! This may lead to other problems.

If you notice any strange noises, take action immediately!

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