RANGE ROVER Evoque DPF warning light on


A customer came from Nagano Prefecture with the DPF warning light on, and the inspection was done in 1 day.

There are also symptoms where the engine won't start at all.

I can't move forward because I feel like it's really clogged with feces.

Heikifilter Manpie

The dealer said the DPF was clogged and needed to be replaced.

I heard that the estimate is around 600,000 yen.

The vehicle has only traveled 38,000km.

Doesn't it seem like there is something else causing this rather than simply the DPF being bad?

Let's start with the diagnosis.

The blue bar is the memory where the DPF is clogged.

I'm a little worried about the memory as the NOX value is outside the upper limit.

First, check the data related to DPF.

DPF deposition capacity is 98%! A state of pan-Pan!

Normally, it would have automatically entered DPF regeneration before it got to this point.

I also suspect that it may be caused by soot clogging on the intake side.

Insert the scope camera into the intake manifold.

Status of each port

Very beautiful condition! It's still 38,000km and there are no problems here.

This is DPF (diesel particulate filter)

This filter catches soot from combustion.

Automatically repeats ``DPF regeneration'' to periodically burn off soot.

Why doesn't DPF enter regeneration? The cause is still unknown

There is no point in not removing the accumulated soot for the time being.

We decided to start with DPF cleaning!

Remove and access the temperature sensor downstream of the DPF

The layout of this vehicle's exhaust system

This is a case where injection can only be performed from the rear of the DPF.

In order to infiltrate the entire DPF with the solvent as much as possible

I tried lifting up only the rear side and tilting the car forward.

I hope it's effective

For the second liquid, add DPF purge

Liquid agent that promotes cleaner discharge

Fuel additives are also injected for protection.

LIQUIMOLY Super Disel AddItive (injector cleaning, cetane number improver )

LIQUIMOLY DPF Protector (PM accumulation reduction, DPF protectant )

After soaking the DPF for about an hour, the engine started! but..

DEF (AdBlue) Teika's display 12L Hoju? ?

It looks like the Adblue on the SCR system is empty.

Let's try the diagnosis again

This is because Adblue is empty, NOX cannot be purified and it is outside the upper limit.

Does that mean they won't put it into DPF regeneration because NOX is outside the upper limit? ?

I don't know much about LAND ROVER control, but I definitely need to replenish Adblue.

Refilled exactly 12L as shown in the warning.

Then, as expected, the fault memory disappeared.

You can now go to DPF regeneration mode.

Burn off the soot that has been melted with the cleaner.

LAND ROVER vehicles are also not forced to regenerate when stopped.

It seems that it is necessary to drive after entering playback mode.

This is the data before the start of the playback run.

Please take a close look

The amount of soot deposited inside the current DPF is 45g, which is an amazing number.

I will keep running with the aim of reducing this to the target value of 6g in the right column.

Traveled approximately 20km. Water temperature and exhaust temperature rise

As the DPF begins to regenerate, the amount of soot gradually decreases.

After driving about 40km, the DPF regeneration ended when it decreased to almost the target value of 7g!

This is the data before work

Here is the data after work

・Amount of soot

・DPF deposition rate

・DPF differential pressure (pressure difference between upstream and downstream)

All greatly improved.

All faulty memory is gone and the work is completed without any recurrence!

The same diagnosis should have been made when the car was received at the dealer.

Is it necessary to replace the ASSY based solely on the DPF clogged memory? ?

Did you ever suspect that Adblue was not included? ?

I felt a little uneasy from beginning to end, but I'm glad that my condition has improved so much and I'm glad that people are happy with it.

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