Peugeot T9 308SW engine oil pressure low

Peugeot T9 308SW

All of a sudden, the check light came on and I couldn't blow at all, so I went into the store.

I was thinking of doing a road test, but

The rotational speed peaks out at around 1200 rpm!

It goes into failsafe mode and can only reach speeds of about 20km/h.

I managed to make it back to the store.

I'll diagnose it.

Low engine oil pressure is stored in memory.

The oil pressure is low, so don't let the engine speed increase.

It looks like it has a failsafe.

By the way, the engine oil was in the specified amount.

We will also verify the numerical data.

engine oil hydraulic

Only 1.3bar comes out compared to the standard value of 3bar!

This is because something is definitely happening inside the engine.

First, remove the oil pan and check the area around the oil pump.

You'll soon find out the cause!

The rim of the oil strainer, like sludge

You can clearly see the deposits.

When the engine starts and the oil pump turns

Clogging occurs because it is sucked upwards.

I think the oil pressure is low.

In fact, this Peugeot's engine uses a wet timing belt.

No, it's not a timing chain.

A timing belt soaked in oil rotates inside the engine.

It seems that there are advantages such as less noise.

There are many disadvantages..

*The image is an example of exchange overseas ⇩

Debris from a worn timing belt accumulates in the oil pan.

This was causing a drop in oil pressure.

In severe repair cases, the timing belt and oil pump may be repaired.

Looks like it will need to be replaced.

The condition of the belt of this vehicle ⇩

There were no cracks or damage, so we determined that there was no problem with the belt itself.

The engine oil had not been changed for a while.

This is likely due to increased belt wear and sludge generation.

This time

・Cleaning foreign matter stuck in the strainer

・Engine oil flushing

・Engine oil/filter exchange

I'll work on these and see how it goes.

After work

2.8bar against the hydraulic standard value 3bar

The oil pressure has improved to almost the standard value.

The error message disappeared and the engine ran smoothly again.

Especially for imported cars, it is important to manage oil at an appropriate cycle!

This makes me realize once again that this is a major prerequisite for avoiding trouble.

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