BMW F10 523d ​​Air conditioner does not blow air

BMW F10 523d

We had to take care of the case in a hurry because the air conditioner was not blowing any air at all.

This symptom is quite severe in the middle of winter.

First, check the symptoms.

Oh, there's no sign of wind at all.

Maximize air volume.

No response either.

The only sound inside the car is the sound of the button being pressed.

It wasn't feeling well until the other day, but I heard that the wind was coming out somehow.

vehicle system diagnosis

There was an input of disconnection in the blower final stage.

Simply put, the final stage

This is a variable resistance applied to the blower motor.

Controls the blower motor rotation speed₌air volume .


First of all, I'll remove the item to see the situation.

The blower for right-hand drive cars is around here.

When you remove the cover...

There's a big hole in the air inlet.

This sponge filter is falling apart due to deterioration.

Eventually, it will rot and crumble into pieces, resulting in this state.

This is one of the standard troubles for F1x BMWs.

If the hole opens, foreign objects such as fallen leaves can enter freely.

This also creates additional trouble.

Thanks to the large hole, it's as if there is no filter.

The area around the air inlet is already covered in dust.

So, the most important symptom is that there is no wind.

Measurements show that this is due to an internal disconnection in the final stage.

It turned out that the cause was that the voltage was not being output to the blower motor side.

It has been decided that the final stage will be replaced.

A large amount of the sponge powder from earlier will also enter the blower motor.

This is due to the cause

・Poor contact generates heat and melts the brush part.

・The operating resistance increases and the final stage ends up being loaded again.

There are many cases of blower motor lifespan and failure.

This time we decided to replace the final stage/blower motor!

*Basically, it is best to replace them at the same time!

Let's disassemble the removed blower motor.

The brushes and rotor are also getting worn out.

As expected, sponge powder will come out in pieces.

It was best to replace it at this time.

We use OEM parts from genuine parts manufacturers.

You can reduce costs while maintaining reliability.

Many inferior foreign-made external parts and pachinko products pretending to be genuine products are in circulation.

Selection of parts is very important to ensure safe use.

Even if you replace the affected area, it is no good if the surrounding area remains dirty.

I'll clean it thoroughly before reassembling it.

Before cleaning

After cleaning

The cover with the large hole is also new.

The material of the filter part has been changed as a countermeasure.

The symptoms improved without any problems.

Changes in status are also perfectly OK.

Inspecting the large hole can be done easily by removing three clips.

I think it would be a good idea for F1x users to check it out.

Weak points of F1x vehicles are now available on YouTube!

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