RANGE ROVER Evoque DPF warning light on

RANGE ROVER Evoque DPF warning light on

From the dealer side

"DPF replacement"

So, it seems that an estimate of 500,000 OVER has been presented.

I was asked if there is any other way.

We are visiting from Toyama Prefecture.

The DPF capacity limit message is lit.

Let's diagnose it first.

DPF circulation failure ₌ DPF clog An error will be input.

I also suspect that it may be caused by the accumulation of soot on the intake side.

Insert a scope camera into the intake manifold and inspect it.

It doesn't seem like there's a lot of soot buildup yet.

I think this is normal.

Monitoring the current DPF data live

Like this.

A simple translation of ↑ is

・DPF regeneration has not been performed for 710km

・The amount of soot deposited inside the DPF is 30.7g

・Approximately 50% of the DPF capacity contains soot.

・Pressure difference (clogging) between upstream and downstream of DPF is 2kPa

It means that.

On the car side, anyway!

It seems like they want to say that there hasn't been any regeneration for a while and the DPF is full.

When we talk to users, they say that most of their trips are short distances.

If the number is around this level, it seems that it can be dealt with by cleaning.


Melts and burns off the soot inside the DPF using a solvent without removing the DPF body.

Due to the layout of this vehicle,

Remove the exhaust temperature sensor behind the DPF to access it.

DPF (diesel particulate filter)

This filter catches soot from combustion.

Automatically repeats ``DPF regeneration'' to periodically burn off soot.

If you ride a lot

·water temperature

・Exhaust temperature

・Engine load

etc., the conditions for playback are often not reached.

This will only cause soot to accumulate on the DPF.

Fuel additives are also injected for protection.

LIQUIMOLY Super Disel AddItive (injector cleaning, cetane number improver )

LIQUIMOLY DPF Protector (PM accumulation reduction, DPF protectant )

After soaking the DPF for a while

Enter regeneration mode and perform forced regeneration driving.

Start the engine. Yes, I understand!

The current amount of soot deposited is approximately 24g.

This will be replayed and run aiming for the required value of 6g on the right side.

DPF cleaner combustion starts

About 10 minutes after starting the run.

The water temperature and exhaust temperature rise, and the DPF enters regeneration mode.

The soot value in the red circle will gradually decrease.

repeat the run

The display indicating that the lower limit of tolerance has been reached seems to have worked.

Comparison of data before and after work

All data values ​​decrease to around 0.

DPF clogging ₌ The circulation problem is resolved.

This data confirms that the exhaust has become extremely smooth.

The check lamp went out safely and the work was completed!

When the DPF becomes clogged

There are few cases where the DPF itself is bad.

Most of them have other causes.

Rather than simply proceeding with DPF replacement

I think it is more important to find out the cause.

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