JEEP PATRIOT ABS/Transfer warning light on

JEEP PATRIOT ABS/Received with transfer warning light on.

Many check lights are on

While driving, the drive system is experiencing jerkiness.

The vibration and rattling noise are also loud enough to make me hesitate a little.

I'll diagnose it.

There was an input error in detecting the right rear wheel speed.

Keep all four tires rotated

Let's monitor the current live data.

Only the right rear shows 0km/h.

Is it a failsafe caused by ABS sensor failure?

I'll try removing the speed sensor first.

The condition of the right rear suspension. It is installed here.

There's quite a bit of rust, and I have a slightly unpleasant feeling about it.

We will remove it from the outside and inside.

There are cases where it is scratched and damaged, but it is unharmed.

I decided to replace the right rear speed sensor.

If this vehicle has severe rust, the sensor holder will corrode.

The speed sensor cannot be installed properly.

It seems that even the hub bearing that is integrated with the holder needs to be replaced.

After exchange. Rotate all four tires and check again.

The same speed can be detected for all four wheels.

Because the vibration and symptoms were severe when entering the warehouse

I thought this might be quite important.

I was relieved that it was a relatively simple repair.

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