BMW G31 523d ​​engine check light on

BMW G31 523d ​​came into stock with engine check light on.

I'll diagnose it right away.

There is a lambda sensor disconnection error input.

The installation location differs depending on the car model and engine.

This vehicle is installed around here.

Remove it using a special tool.

Lambda sender after removing the catalytic converter.

When I measured it according to the wiring diagram...

As per the error message, there was an internal disconnection.

It's an exchange.

Comparison of old and new.

I have a problem with the exhaust system sensor such as the lambda sender.

Vehicles that often travel short distances, so-called ``choice riding''

There are cases where moisture in the muffler has a negative effect on the sensor.

Occasionally, the car is driven long distances or warmed up.

A little kindness may be important.

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