BMW E46 318ci engine immobile

The E46 318ci engine could not be started and was towed away.

LHD MT vehicle is the best.

It was soon determined that the cause was a dead battery due to a charging failure in the alternator.

We will also perform a thorough inspection for other vehicle inspection and maintenance requests.

The coolant pipe has deteriorated and is likely to fall out in some places.

I mean, why is there Toyota's red coolant in it?

I will completely replace this with the regular blue one!

It looks like the fuel filter has never been replaced.

There is a broken LED tail light bulb.

There is also the option of having it repaired by a specialist.

There is not much difference in price either

This time I will replace it with a genuine new one.

Let's remove the alternator.

Uses new OEM products from BOSCH.

There is no genuine part number, but everything is the same.

The price is lower than the genuine product.

The battery was also replaced with a new one and the voltage and current are OK.

Replace filters with unknown replacement history with new ones.

Pressurized brake oil replacement.

I'll keep going. Next!

Replacement of water hoses.

This place has been deteriorating over the years.

If you start replacing it, it will run out.

This time, we will only replace items that seem particularly dangerous.

The resin in the connection part has already deteriorated and is worn out.

E46 has also been a player for 20 years now.

The situation was such that it could have exploded at any time.

Bleeding air from vacuuming and filling coolant. Then...

Cooling water leaked from the coolant tank, which originally had no leaks.

This is also a weak point of E46, but since I could see the replacement history, I omitted it.

Fixing coolant leaks in other places

Pressure builds up in places where there was no leakage before.

A new coolant leak will be induced.

This is quite common in older vehicles.

This will also be replaced with a new one.

The tail is new.

A lot of dust and sand accumulates here.

I'll clean it up after I take it out.

New lenses are always nice!

The headlights were also in a rough state due to deterioration and yellowing.

Once you reach this level

"Vehicle inspection failed due to insufficient light"

That kind of thing is not rare.

In fact, the E46 sedan series has a single lens component setting.

Headlight lenses can be replaced fairly easily.

For some reason, the integrated headlights of this coupe were not disassembled.

Of course, there is no component setting for the lens alone! (Overseas may be outside the company)

From here, polish it with paper and then repaint the clear coat.

It's quite a task that requires patience. lol

We also do polishing and painting in-house.

Finished painting.

We also worked on the side markers during the service.

After all, if the headlights are clean, the whole car will look sharp.

The age-appropriate appearance has disappeared and it looks like a completely different car.

Just like that, I successfully passed the vehicle inspection and completed the work!

E46 has also fallen into the classic category.

I personally like old cars, so as long as there are fans, it will be a big help.

Naturally, problems will occur over the years.

There is a wealth of knowledge and information about E-series BMW.

We can suggest plans that suit your budget and future plans.

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