VW UP air conditioner not working

The VW UP air conditioner was not working, so we had to take it in at short notice.

The temperature at the outlet exceeds 30℃!

This summer has been extremely hot, so going without air conditioning is really dangerous!

At another store, "The electric fan is broken and needs to be replaced"

It seems that you have been diagnosed with...

Check the gas pressure immediately.

I see. First of all, the compressor is not working.

The electric fan is definitely not spinning either.

If you don't recognize that the compressor is working

There are cases where the electric fan does not work.

The opposite is also true.

I will force test the electric fan individually.

The electrical fans rotate vigorously in both stages 1 and 2, so this is normal!

Then it's the A/C compressor.

There is power when the A/C switch is turned on, but it does not work.

It is confirmed that the compressor is faulty.

I'll exchange it~

We use high quality external parts instead of expensive genuine parts.

You can reduce repair costs while maintaining quality.

Gas pressure stabilized by replacing the compressor.

The electric fan also worked without any problems.

The temperature inside the car has returned to a comfortable level.

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